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29 October, 2010   Mark Coulton Before I commence my contribution on the motion to take note of the Prime Minister’s statement on Australia’s commitment to Afghanistan, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of my colleague the member for Hindmarsh, a v... Read more
21 October, 2010 Tonight I rise to speak on an issue that is of grave concern to the people of regional Australia, including the people of the electorate of Parkes, and that is the issue of local rural roads. As most people would realise, nearly everything that we fi... Read more
21 October, 2010 I rise today to support the member for Murray in this very important issue. In my short period of time in this place, this is clearly the most pressing and urgent issue and the issue of greatest concern to my electorate that I have ever covered. I wa... Read more
20 October, 2010 I would like to bring to the attention of the House the proposed poker machine reform and the effect that that would have on the registered clubs and hotels within the electorate of Parkes. While I am certainly no fan of poker machines, every town an... Read more
20 July, 2010   In the final two minutes of this adjournment debate I would like to comment on the remarks from the member for Chisholm and the member for Petrie, who were standing up in here singing the praises of the BER. The member for Chisholm had the au... Read more
01 June, 2010   Parkes Electorate: Central West Drought Action Group Mr COULTON (Parkes) (6.40 pm)—Tonight I rise to speak on behalf of the farmers in an area in my electorate who have formed an organisation known as the Central West Drought Action Group. T... Read more
01 June, 2010   Mr COULTON (Parkes) (9.40 pm)—I rise tonight to speak about the Productivity Commission inquiry into gambling and the effects its recommendations may have if implemented on the community throughout regional Australia. Gambling addiction i... Read more
27 May, 2010 Mr COULTON (Parkes) (12.40 pm)—What a wonderful parallel universe some of our representatives in this place must live in! I rise today to speak about the incompetence of this government and the effect that its failures are having on the people of my ... Read more
24 February, 2010 I am a little flabbergasted at the previous speech from the member for Newcastle. I hope she does not injure herself as she falls off that fence that she has been straddling for the last 20 minutes. I fear that poor old Grandad, who fought so hard fo... Read more
29 October, 2009 will take the few short minutes I have before I am forcibly removed and burnt at the stake for being a denier and a sceptic, one of those horrible people who dare stand in the way of the Rudd Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme juggernaut. Unlike membe... Read more
26 October, 2009 I follow my friend and colleague the member for Shortland. While I appreciate her contribution I am afraid she is grossly out of touch with the sentiment that is flowing through Landcare organisations right throughout Australia. Indeed, I have spent ... Read more
10 September, 2009 I rise to talk about a matter of the utmost significance in western New South Wales. The story of the Royal Flying Doctor Service is the story of outback Australia. The flying doctor was born out of the desire of Reverend John Flynn to overcome the i... Read more
17 August, 2009 In reference to the previous speaker, I suspect that the people of Dawson are also waiting with bated breath to see how the emissions trading scheme legislation goes in a couple of months time and where their representatives are going to vote on that... Read more
23 June, 2009 I rise to speak on the Rural Adjustment Amendment Bill 2009. Essentially, this bill is to extend the period of tenure for the members of the NRAC board. I do not have any major concerns with that. I think the members of the NRAC board are quite compe... Read more
03 June, 2009 I believe this is the most important piece of legislation that parliament has ever had to consider. I have been listening to the debate last night and today on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2009 and cognate bills, and I am somewhat disap... Read more
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